Monday, January 2, 2012

Telecom Test Automation Tools

Requirement for enhancing network and program testing is exponential for telecommunications manufacturers and service providers due to the fact of the growing demand from buyers and growing capabilities in the technological field.
The testing program for equipments and network is not easy as prior to simply because of the next generation wireless networks like triple play services in the residential sector and VOIP and IPTV in enterprise sector that have greater demands.
The challenges faced by mobile and cable service providers have increased dramatically since consumers want high speed services and these challenges need to be beaten in order to maintain high quality of service.
Service providers (SPs) can't afford to lose their clients and today's clients only accept high network high quality and service that can be relied upon.
This can be achieved with the aid of an optimized infrastructure that needs to be maintained making use of typical program testing.

For SPs who have not yet deployed an end-to-end testing automation framework, system testing and network equipment testing is a growing challenge. A testing team comprising of test engineers and skilled programmers is necessary to develop code intensive testing module to test network infrastructure and environment.
SP test engineers are faced with a key challenge of dealing with integrating testing procedures with substantial telecom services such as monitoring, billing and OSS. The test cycle duration is extended due to the demands of integration testing process which is labor intensive and lengthy.
Non-regular inner home tests require alterations when there is a change in infrastructure or hardware and so can be standardized with the use of a telecom testing tool / automation framework. Lengthy and time consuming process of updates in the testing process completed by software engineers throughout a little minor change can be cut short with the use of test automation program.
Control program testing and hardware equipment testing need to be performed manually by test engineers with correct automated framework. Manual testing is prone to errors and updates and changes must be carried out often.

To establish test automation framework for end to end testing, test procedure need to be setup and establish so that productivity for mobile or cable services and information related services such as PPPoE and VOIP can be improved to boost profitability.
Such a test automation framework would automate device testing, system testing, network and equipment testing to improve test coverage whilst reducing test creation and test setup time. Utilizing test automation framework, manual labor can be reduced and tests can be executed 24/7.
A test automation framework further improves system testing by automating data collection and analysis, and by supporting key technologies and protocols, batch files, application-layer protocols and transport-layer protocols, CLI and other essential communication buses.

Test automation framework is scalable and it enables information acquisition and warehousing to be streamlined. Data from equipment, network and system testing can be aggregated automatically in real time and the aggregated data can be saved in a central database making use of standard format. Analysis of collected information can also be completed by the test automation framework to generate reports for company purposes.
In perfect conditions, test automation framework uses visualization capabilities for the information so as to develop real time enterprise intelligence that can be understood by a simple look. Such capabilities can rapidly enhance SP competitiveness and customer transparency by leveraging raw test information for understanding discovery and key management decisions.


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